Benefits of Carbon Steel Pipe

Every day, we pass by countless buildings, automobiles, appliances, and machines that are made using carbon steel pipe just like the ones provided by Kelly Pipe. But have you ever stopped to wonder why this material is so prevalent and used in so many important applications? With over 1.3 billion tons of steel produced annually, there is obviously a good reason why this material is so widely used. Read on for some features that make steel pipe such a good choice.

Reliable Safety and Durability

Above all, carbon steel pipe is consistently safe and durable. This is especially important when it’s used underground, because many other materials are susceptible to rotting and pests. Steel, on the other hand, is impervious to termites and other pests and doesn’t need to be treated with preservatives like glue or pesticides. This makes it safe to handle and work around. Steel is also non-combustible, making it harder for fire to spread in the case of an emergency. This makes it great for building homes. Using steel pipe in certain aspects of building frames provides structures with good resistance to severe, high winds and other detrimental loads.

Structural Stability

Carbon steel pipe itself consists of a shape that is useful in various types of situations and applications. Kelly Pipe offers an array of steel pipe to meet your requirements. The shape offers equal stability along both axes making it uniquely useful compared to certain other structural shapes. The pipe can be support very heavy loads depending on the requirements. Pipe walls consist of various thicknesses and pipe diameters vary as well. These characteristics determine the elements of strength that the particular strength possesses.

Budget Friendly

Steel pipes can be made thinner that pipes from other materials, giving them a greater carrying capacity with the same dimensions. This makes these pipes cheaper upfront, but also in the long run as their unmatched strength stands the test of time. With little need for replacement or repairs, steel is a smart investment for any business. Versatility also plays a role in the savings, as steel can be bent to fit anywhere it needs to go. This means that you can get joints, valves, and other fittings at relatively low prices.

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