OCTGP: The Market Outlook

The market for oil and gas has undergone a significant shift lately; however, many experts continue to predict an overall pattern of growth which producers and providers of OCTG Pipe appreciate in their highly demanding and competitive sector. With more companies entering into the field, it is important for clients to understand the very specific requirements behind the manufacturing of quality OCTGP pipe.

Defining OCTG Pipe

OCTG is the acronym for Oil Country Tubular Goods. This covers a range of products including:

  • Drill Pipe (sometimes not included as OCTG since it is holds the drill bit and/or explosives)
  • Casing (linings for the wellbore to protect the tubing)
  • Tubing (the delivery or production tubes responsible for the transportation of oil and/or gas from its source to the surface or for sending water down into the well)

These items alternate during the different phases of a drilling operation. Applications for OCTG equipment is for both on and off shore ventures. OCTG pipes for such projects may be welded or seamless.

While it is possible for many companies to produce OCTG items, including OCTG pipes, they may not be able to comply with the very precise specifications required by the American Petroleum Institute (API). This standardization of the various pipes and equipment associated with OCTG can effectively reduce the ability of some companies to compete.

OCTG Pipes and API Standards

All OCTG pipes must conform exactly to API standards. These specifications set the properties of each items involved and classify them into 10 grades. These grades indicate such desirable characteristic as corrosion resistance, durability, thickness and hardenability. When considering OTCG, commonly the following grades appear: J/K55, N80 type 1 and type Q, L80 and P110.

The producer of such products achieves the required properties through their choice of steel. While steel is capable of excellent results on its own, heat treatment is essential to raise the bar and obtain the right degree required for the production of specific OCTG products. This is definitely true if the company is determined to reach and/or exceed API standards for OCTG pipes. The API will also expect to receive a manual of the producer’s specifics before they approve the products as achieving the stated aims of the API in the industry.

OCTG Pipes: The Outlook

Serving a global market, the Kelly Pipe Co.’s OCTG Division provides API product solutions in a cost-effective manner to both on land and off shore commercial operations in the oil and gas industry. As the market continues to grow, the company remains committed to supporting this sector with quality products that meet and exceed API standards for OCTG pipes and other products.

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