The Necessity of Water Well Pipe

How and where people get clean water remains a problem in some communities and parts of the world. While some people are able to draw water from city reservoirs or natural springs, others cannot. Around the globe, many people depend upon water wells and therefore companies who manufacture and distribute equipment for water wells like water well pipe and other parts and supplies is necessary.

Water Well Pipe and Supplies

Water well development and construction has become a strong global industry offering steel manufacturers and distributors another market. Those companies that focus on drilled wells require water well pipe and other water well supplies which include:

  • Well Casing
  • Perforated Pipe
  • Drive Shoes
  • Well Screen
  • PVC Casing
  • Cone Strainers
  • Basket Strainers

While PVC may supply well casings, much of the water well pipes are made from steel. The well casing consists of segments of steel substrate welded together to produce varied length of pipe.

Basic Requirements of Water Well Pipe and Supplies

Wells components must meet a high standard to achieve a long lasting and functioning well. For the most part, the demands of a water well pipe and related water well supplies are met by steel. This metal possesses the properties wells require:

  • Strength: To allow the pipes and other components to withstand the stresses of installation and endure any other types of stress during any stage of well development and use
  • Tensile Strength: To withstand tension
  • Resistance: Against collapsing
  • Elasticity and Resiliency: These characteristics make it possible for a water well pipe, well screen or pump to react in a positive manner during an earthquake or other subterranean earth shift

Easily and inexpensively formed into tubes, steel makes the perfect casing for pumps, pipes and screens, meeting all the above requirements.

Water Well Pipe: The Issue of Corrosion

All items placed into the ground are subject to corrosion. One reason why stainless steel is selected for well parts is its anti-corrosion qualities. Producers using steel should not combine steel with a dissimilar metal or add specific chemicals. By doing so, they can decrease the ability of steel to resist corrosion and therefore reduce the longevity and durability of the water well pipe, screen and casing.

PVC casing is one means of improving the life of a water well. By casing steel or other metal well components in PVC, the manufacture and well supplies distributor can help to maintain the integrity of a drilled well. Such measures can help to improve the overall efficiency of the water well.

At Kelly Pipe, water well companies can find an extensive selection of water well supplies in stock. As one of the largest pipe distributors in the United States, they can quickly, efficiently and economically provide you with the water well pipe and supplies you need to start and finish the job successfully, meeting health and safety standards.

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