Oil Field Pipe – Global Uses

The oil and gas industry happens to be one of the first industries where piping and fittings and other mechanical pipe joining systems were installed. This includes global processes of exploration, extraction, refining and treatment of petroleum products. Kelly Pipe offers a diverse selection of domestic and imported steel pipe to an array of clients nationally and beyond, including pipe well-suited as oil field pipe for the oil drilling industry.


Oilfields deal with the extraction of oil from land-based sources. While there are less and less of these in the United States as patches dry up, they are still far from nonexistent. Oil workers can expect to work long, hard hours. Oil drilling work is divided into two subsets: fields and rigs. Rigs are on the ocean, while fields are on land. This means that there are two remarkably different sets of working conditions. While rig workers need to live on site for days or weeks at a time, field workers can travel to and from the field like any other job.

Aging Infrastructures

Process manufacturing companies in the oil and gas, utilities, chemicals and natural resource industries rely on proprietary infrastructure to run their operations. Much of this infrastructure is rapidly aging, thus increasing the risk of failure. Subsequent disruptions impede opportunities for growth, with the impact of these interruptions felt worldwide. As a result, executives in these industries must make tough decisions about where, when and how much to invest in infrastructure upgrades, such as oil field pipe replacement.

Entry-Level Pipeline Worker

The oil industry has entry-level jobs on the oil pipeline crews. A pipe-liner worker does general maintenance on the line, such as removing rust, painting the pipeline and cutting brush and overgrowth from around the pipeline. A pipeline walker is an entry-level worker who inspects the line for leaks, makes minor repairs and ensures there are no major pipeline problems. Both of these positions are performed in the field and require the worker to be away from home for long periods of time.

Whether your requirements are for offshore or land based applications, Kelly Pipe has an extensive inventory and guarantees on-time delivery for your operation. The company has proven its capabilities to efficiently and effectively support both large drilling programs as well as immediate project needs.

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