Welded Pipe vs. Seamless Pipe

There has always been a large debate about which is the best for your project; welded or seamless. There are advantages to each type and often it is going to depend on your own personal preference and the job which you are doing. Below are some of the advantages which you can get from each of the options.

Advantages of Welded Steel Pipe

Welded steel pipes are more enticing in terms of cost compared to the seamless options. These pipes are often more available when you need them compared to seamless. The seamless ones will take longer because of their lead time so they are not always as available as the welded steel pipe.

The thickness in welded pipes is going to be more consistent compared to the seamless options.

The surface of the welded steel pipe is able to be checked out before they are released for sale to ensure they are going to work out for your needs. This is something which is not available with the seamless options.

Advantages of Seamless Steel Pipe

The main advantage of these pipes is they do not have the issue with a welded seam. This is usually seen as an area which is weak in the pipe and many people worry this is going to mean it will break easier. With improvements in manufacturing, this is not as true anymore and the absence of the weld seam is not as big of an issue anymore.

These pipes can provide you with some peace of mind. They do not have a seam so you will not have to worry about getting any seams which are not as strong as they should be.

These kinds of pipes will have more roundness or oval shape than welded steel pipes, making them better to use for a lot of projects which you have since they are not going to get caught on anything.

As you can see, each pipe offers its own unique advantages over its counterpart. Often the welded steel pipes are preferred because they have better prices, are easier to get whenever you need them, and the perceived disadvantages in terms of the welded seam has been fixed and is not as apparent. Each of the pipes will be used for various projects and everyone is going to have a preference for the one that they would like to use for their needs.

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